AMP “somos diferencia”

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The association works with people with disabilities from 0 to 65 years of age, supporting both individuals and their families. The partnership was created in 1988, we have more than 30 years of experience in the sector of work with people with disabilities. We promote processes of inclusion in the community from all the scopes of daily life, improving the quality of life of individuals and their families. Our culture program works on the inclusion of our collective from the 3 frameworks of action: as an audience, as artists and as professionals of the field of culture. The Culture program has been called ExpresArte and has been in use since 2012.


This project opens group spaces for the development of expression and creativity. It is based on two pillars: creative expression with its positive impact on mental health and group work with its influence on the development of prosocial attitudes and inclusion. We are situated in a meaning of art that would refer to the sense of skill, way of doing, that can touch all those elements included in the Creative Process or Creative Act. In the groups, with creative techniques, we work on experience and expression in a climate of transparency, where it is the group that proposes the experiments to be developed. We are going to place ourselves in creative actions from situations that activate the imagination. We propose to start from the idea of "migration", as a change of place, to investigate the place from which we start and the place to which we arrive. Relating the process with the development of the competence of consciousness and cultural expression. We seek to promote social inclusion: Presence, Belonging and Participation. Encouraging meetings between people from different communities, proposing meetings in a climate of communication without judgments. We propose exchange work, with our partners. We will all meet, in person, one week each quarter: the first and the last meeting will be in our context (Spain), we will travel to each of the places of our project partners. At the end of the year, we will create together, an exhibition/creation, public, of what is found and shared.

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Artistic projects involved in the inclusion of groups in the risk of exclusion (Portugal, Greece, Italy, France, Belgium) Please get in contact no later than November 2021


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AMP “somos diferencia”
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