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APTENT. Experts in technology and accessibility.

We are committed to technology and accessibility so that everyone can enjoy culture, leisure and education.

We provide technological solutions and services related to communication aids. These are some examples:
- Subtitles for the hearing impaired.
- Audio description for visually impaired people.

- Sign language.
- Assisted listening systems. - And much more.

We work in several sectors:
- Performing Arts (Accessible Theater Project - teatroaccesible.com)
- Live events
- Audiovisual media
- Others (Education, Museums, Editorial, etc.)

The Accessible Theater project works to promote accessibility and inclusion in the performing arts so that people with disabilities and the elderly can exercise, under equal conditions, their legitimate right of access to culture.

This project has been running for 12 years in Spain. In different European countries there are other similar projects or initiatives that work to make it easier for people with disabilities to come closer to and enjoy culture.

Accessibility services are synchronized by a professional technician. However, there are technological solutions such as COPLA that allow automatic synchronization based on automatic speech recognition.

The project has two parts:

- (1) Carry out a comprehensive study that measures the positive impact of these projects on people with disabilities and the elderly.
- (2) Carry out field tests and an analysis of the results to analyze the effectiveness and feasibility of automatic synchronization systems in theater and opera

Some of our solutions are:
- STARTIT (aptent.es/startit). Application for subtitles and audio descriptions in theater and opera.
- APP-MINIMO (minimo-app.com). A visual support for auditory discrimination training.
- COPLA (copla.io). A cloud platform based on automatic speech recognition and natural language processing.


We are interested in participating in the current call and also in future calls

We are interested in :

  • Accessibility and inclusion in culture.
  • Content creation for performing arts, media or events. AI, ASR and NLP technologies.

Projects related to:

- The participation of people with disabilities in the field of culture.

- Accessibility and inclusion of people with disabilities.

- Technological solutions to automate and optimize the provision of accessibility services.

- Impact measurement and studies on impact and audiences with disabilities.

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Javier Jiménez, jjdorado@aptent.es

info@aptent.es, +34637710532

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