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Founded as a group in Montevideo/Uruguay in 1989 and as an international company in Spain in 2000; I know established as a national Association in 2009.

Among its founding purposes, the following stand out:

• Promote and disseminate Theater as a tool for social transformation. Actively participate in creating an awareness of the "Art and Culture" as a sociopedagogical tool.

• Development, promotion and realization of cultural activities of social dissemination through cooperation with other Associations and working groups.

• Organization of Classrooms and Schools/Workshop for Directors, Teachers and Associations.

• Organization of informative activities on work methodologies that facilitate the achievement of objectives of various groups, for local benefit.


What is "Spectator School"?

- It is an innovative program to promote the Theatre, which shows the process of construction of a show open to the public and with your active participation.

“Escuela de Espectadores” provides the participating groups (partners) with a working method that makes the Theater a local asset, valuing the work and processes creative linked to the Performing Arts. It offers the population (spectators) new tools to see and enjoy the performing arts; thus generating cultural habits and sense of belonging.

Program objectives

"Escuela de Espectadores"

- Form new audiences where there is not one advance provision.

- Generate a sense of belonging to local artistic proposals, from an active role.

- Disseminate knowledge of the performing arts.

- Promote the transversal character of the Theatre, awakening artistic, creative and expression concerns.

- Get used to enjoying theater from within the process itself.

- Establish a weekly link between the "spectator" with their active proposals and the "art".

- Strengthen and stimulate the consumption of culture.

- Address issues of local interest and common to the European population, with issues such as sustainability and environmental care.

- Integrate disadvantaged groups making them protagonists of the cultural actions of their locality.

-Internationalize the local culture with similar interactions in other European locations.

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Asociación Cultural Rayuela Comunicación Artística (Cultural Association Rayuela Artistic Communication)
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