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Building Bridges Cultural Association was founded in 2008 to

promote a spirit and community integration and to foster

European culture awareness among young people.

Building Bridges is present at local level as a tool to assist and

support the implementation of non formal education courses on

Culture Management, EU Funding and IT tools for cultural

managers. We aim also to improve knowledge of European

labour system practices in the cultural sector. We organise

courses, visits and meetings, European events for public

agencies on policies concerning youth, mobility, sports, local

economic development, culture and cooperation with EU

countries and beyond. We believe that transnational experience

could offer young cultural managers the opportunity to grow

within a European dimension through their personal and

professional skills, so that they could become main actors of

the European future. Nowadays, we provide 400 mobility

grants to young people.

In 2020, we created an online platform for cultural managers

specialised in funding in the cultural sector that already

counted with over 600 students.


We want to bring young artists and young cultural managers

closer to the ICT sector by creating a Bootcamp (intensive

course) where we will include tools for creating a website with

WordPress, inbound marketing techniques, cybersecurity,

smart working, crowdfunding, copywriting, digital publishing,

digital marketing and creativity to create the future cultural

manager and ICC entrepreneurs. We also want to create a

skills manual for the entrepreneurs in ICCs, aimed at trainers

and educators so that they can get the tools and methodologies

to promote the participation of young cultural managers and

artists in the digital industry. We aim to create 3 Hubs (in each

partner's headquarters there will be 1) where these individuals

will be able to meet digital tools in person and learn how to use

them thanks to the use of non-formal education methodologies.

In the Hub we will organize 7-day acceleration programs so

that, once they have acquired the necessary knowledge, the

target groups can carry out their business cultural project idea

and make it a reality

The objectives of the project are:

-Promote the motivation and development of new interests in

young artists/young cultural managers at risk of social

exclusion (economic, geographic, refugee difficulties, first

target group) through the use of new technologies

-To promote the active participation of these target groups in

the construction of skills, knowledge and digital competences in

branding and marketing tools

-Promote a conscious and correct use of new technologies.

-Use better digital content, as well as tools and methodologies

- Boost social enterpreneurship

- Provide adult training centers with a gender perspective that

allows them to seek opportunities for a more egalitarian sector

At the quantitative level we aim to achieve:

-1 webpage

-Project profiles in Linkedin, twitter, instagram and facebook,

managed by the partnership consortia

- Intellectual outputs as guide of funding for cultural sector in

the countries involved and best practices guide

-Involve at least 200 students to participate in the Bootcamp

-At least 100 trainers and educators during the project and

more than 100 once it is finished, so that they can benefit from

the methodologies and skills manual

-At least 50 women (artists and/or cultural managers)

belonging to disadvantaged groups involved in the Hubs in

person and 100 online

-At least 20 refugee women involved in the Bootcamp and

participating in the Hub

-At least 20 public and / or private organizations that will

participate indirectly in the project

-At least 10 women and / or trainers who will get an

employment and / or internship opportunity during or after the

project ends, thanks to the learning received.

-At least 50% of the total participants must come from

disadvantaged groups (economic difficulties, residence in rural

areas, refugees)

-Increase of 20% of the number of students in activities

organized locally by the project partners.

Partenaire(s) recherché(s)

Potential partners may include cultural and Arts organisations

working broadly with young people, specially those with less

opportunities, migrants, refugees and so on. We have

preferences involving cultural and youth centres managed by

public institutions. A strong involvement in ICT technologies

will be an asset.


Enrique Gallardo / / 0034 673 402

139 (Telephone and Whatsapp)

Building Bridges Cultural Association
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