Business Hub Zealand


Business Hub Zealand is a public business development organization, founded by the government of Denmark and partly funded by national and regional authorities. 

Providing guidance on business development, green transition & international scaling

Since 2007, Business Hub Zealand has been providing entrepreneurs, startups and SMEs with guidance and support in order, to help them develop and scale their business both on a domestic and international level. 

Business incubators

Business Hub Zealand has since 2011 launched 13 incubators for entrepreneurs and SMEs called "Vækstfabrikkerne" (the Growth Factories) in collaboration with local municipalities in Zealand. Through workshops, 1:1 guidance and facilitated network we help early startups with innovative ideas to gain business potential, develop and scale their business. Today, we run 4 local incubators/startup hubs, one of them is located at Musicon, a creative and urban area in Roskilde hosting artists, cultural entrepreneurs, skaters, a music museum, a maker space, a dance theater, local shops, festivals and other creative businesses. 

Project management & operation of EU projects

Furthermore, Business Hub Zealand has extensive experience in the operation of EU financed projects as well as internationally oriented projects. In terms of EU financed projects, we have been operating two large incubation projects for entrepreneurs and startups entitled “Establishment of the Growth Factories” and “Growth oriented incubation program for startups” with budgets of 4 million and 2,7 million euros respectively, as well as the award-winning Interreg project “Soft Landing for SME’s in the North Sea Region” with a budget of 3,6 million euros. 

Roskilde Festival (circular lab) is the largest music and arts festival in Northern Europe. Roskilde Festival is 100 % non-profit and are donating all profits to charity after each festival.

With 130,000 residents, Roskilde Festival is comparable to a larger city. At the same time, the temporariness makes the festival community a unique platform to test new sustainable solutions with a potential to change the behavior in our society.

The Circular Lab

Roskilde Festival has created the Circular Lab that give young entrepreneurs the opportunity to test and develop innovative green solutions at Roskilde Festival, a flexible and huge laboratory filled with people and possibilities.

At the same time, the laboratory's solutions should raise awareness of green behavior among festival participants and contribute to a significant reduction in festival waste.


New sustainable & innovative festival solutions – European festivals as a cooperative test and development platform for entrepreneurs and innovative ideas

The aim of the project is to develop and facilitate cooperative platform across European festivals and big cultural events where entrepreneurs can test and develop new innovative ideas and solutions that will contribute to the development and sustainability of festivals and cultural events.

The project will focus on creating solutions that potentially will lead to new business opportunities and revenue streams for festivals, such as new products, services, business models and tools which will support e.g. diversity, safety or sustainable behavior among consumers and among participants at festivals.

Roskilde Festival has many years of experience in using and viewing the festival city and its 130,000 inhabitants as a test zone for new products and ideas. Temporariness and a high population density make the festival and its design and culture a unique laboratory in terms of sustainability, urban planning and new solutions.

The project will build on these successful experiences and in cooperation with the project partners develop a joined European test concept and, thereby, give a wider range of European entrepreneurs with innovative ideas and solutions the opportunity to test their solutions at large scale festivals and cultural events. The project partners will further develop a new accelerator program that will support the entrepreneurs in the product development and secure the sustainable relevance and business potential of the solutions. The participating entrepreneurs will be able to:

  • test and develop their ideas at large scale European festivals and get relevant feedback from festival goers 
  • share knowledge, data and experience with other participating entrepreneurs and startups from different European countries
  • get professionalization and business development tools through workshops and online classes building on the Lean Startup methodology that will support them during and after the test and product development phase

Partenaire(s) recherché(s)

We are looking for partners in the following two categories: 

  1. Large scale festivals or other cultural or creative events with experience or interest in supporting entrepreneurs in testing and exploring new solutions and ideas during the event
  2. Business development organizations with experience or interest in supporting entrepreneurs with innovative, creative and early-stage ideas, especially with the interest or experience in using Lean Startup methods and tools 



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