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ESR Scientific Society was founded in Greece in 2013. The European School Radio (ESR) is a non-profit civil scientific society that supports, fosters and promotes the Web Radio European School Radio to the primary and secondary education community in Europe ( ). The web application is available to all schools for radio production. Each teacher can register, enroll his/er school and create radio shows and radio messages. They can even collaborate with other schools to make a common radio show and, finally, to upload the audio file so as to be transmitted through the «European School Radio» web radio platform. The ESR Scientific Society has managed to organize a radio network of hundreds of schools and student radio groups and the continuous 24/7 broadcast of a vibrant and lively radio program. The European School Radio has been growing since 2010 that was created and it is the only large-scale student web-radio in Greece and one of the few in Europe. It encourages and supports all events, activities and actions that promote media literacy in education. It organizes an annual festival which promotes student Radio in schools, and participates with live radio coverage in numerous events, such as ICT student conferences. The members of the society have presented the European School Radio project to educators and the general public and have been organizing workshops for teachers of public and private schools, from nurseries to senior high and vocational schools. They also take part in conferences and seminars with presentations and posters. The ESR society has strategic partnerships with public organizations, institutions such as universities (, ) and professional associations such as the Journalists Association ( TheScientific Society «European School Radio, The First Student Radio» was the coordinating partner and the leader of theproject NEStOR- «Networked European School Web Radio», which provided the educational community with the necessary tools for the cultivation of communication skills, participation of every European learner to a public radio program and the exchange and dissemination of cultural elements through the Web Radio. Throughout the whole process of web radio production, teachers and students can interact via the multilingual community of European School Radio and exchange ideas and thoughts. The ESR application fulfils the needs of all schools around Europe for radio production, is setting the basis for design and development of educational material.


ESR has extensive expertise in Educational Technology with media and except for the ESR IT team from the International Hellenic University, Educational Counselors and highly experienced teachers belong to the Scientific Society and take part in various educational projects with radio.

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