Fondazione Ignazio Buttita


The Ignazio Buttaritta Foundation was established on 4 July 2005 on memory of the great sicilian poet. The foundation has the patronage of the University of Palermo, and of the Sicilian Parliament that recognised the institution as registered under No 59 of the register of private legal persons set up at the Italian Presidency of the Region of Sicily. The Ignazio Buttita Foundation does not seek to make a profit and is proposed as “the protection, study and development of Sicilian culture in all its historical, social, artistic and anthropological aspects”.

To achieve its aims, it promotes conferences, congresses, exhibitions, grants study grants, promotes educational activities for students of all types and grades, supports archival research, field research and photographic and audiovisual surveys of oral and material culture, by taking on any editorial initiative deemed to be consistent with its own reasons. In addition, in order to expand the range of services offered and to encourage the dissemination of knowledge, the Foundation shall establish partnerships and exchange with public and private bodies and bodies.


We are working on a project that starts from the Albanian community, living in Sicily since 500 hundred years ago, links cultural industries Albanian speaking of Kosovo, Albany and North Macedonia.

Partenaire(s) recherché(s)

We would be very much interested in joining partnerships with a cultural industry of a UE country that has experience in modern management of cultural industry. The fundraising experience will be very important.

We prefer a cultural industry that has cultural connection with Albanian language.


Massimo Plescia, consultant


Fondazione Ignazio Buttita
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