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We are a communication agency with large experience in the musical market, from magazine publishing to videos and podcasts, as well as festivals, shows and concerts organization. We are also experts in creating and communicating diverse cultural projects and in promoting online and offline musical brands and musicians.


Project leader Role:

By sharing our experience in the communication of cultural and musical projects online, we can facilitate and promote a network for best and innovative practices for artists and organizations to build their capacity to gain reach and relevance in the global European context, this is to communicate and engage more audience, in an inclusive way. We have the know how to manage large projects and to create collaborative methodologies for learning and the dissemination of the project deliverables. We want to involve all the musical sectors and musical artists in a dialogue and collaboration to expand their knowledge, create synergies and develop new, fresh and creative ways to share and spread artist`s work – from bands to luthiers, from labels to promoters.

We pay special attention to digital transition and innovative audience developments, especially to find communication and distribution methods at an international level, as well as we want to ensure the inclusion, with the extreme importance of crossing ages, genders, social background and to promote the preservation of the musical heritage.

The deliverable of the project will be the e-learning program (includes master class, workbooks, videos, training….) and an event (festival, conferences, others) to support artist and organizations to promote their work.

Partenaire(s) recherché(s)

Music organizations, technology companies, universities, artificial intelligence, musicians, preservation of cultural heritage, educational programs on musical literacy and heritage


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Gato Escaldado
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