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Iminente is a wide-reaching platform based on a the concept of providing urban culture experiences, promoting the relationship between cities, their inhabitants and creative production. Incorporating a diversity of artistic areas, including music, contemporary art, dance, performing arts, architecture, design, fashion, cinema, spoken word and gastronomy, it is the materialization of a creative urban movement.

Iminente is founded on a strong community-driven mission, contributing to the visibility and development of local communities and working towards diversity, integration and artistic education with the support of social organizations. 

Festival Iminente is our main project and where the best expressions of urban culture come together in an explosion of creativity and entertainment. Converging both renowned and emerging artists from diverse backgrounds, it is an amalgamation of cultures, languages and styles. Grounded by core values based on diversity, inclusivity, equality and visibility.

Iminente is everything that is happening, or about to happen. A beacon that shines a very necessary light on both established and emerging subcultures, consolidating and disseminating their creative value and elevating socio-cultural perceptions, while creating opportunities for growth, sharing and equality.


We are looking for partners for a project that seeks to create an international think tank of curators and researchers dedicated to thinking creatively about cities and urban culture. 

We intend to build a collaborative project based on our Community Workshops project and that can have expression in various European cities and be publicly presented (exhibitions, performances) in cultural spaces around europe. 

The Community Workshops take place in city neighborhoods where artistic practice and fruition are distant, or that are socially segregated. Developed in partnership with local social organizations and a diversity of artists, they have been devised to promote synergies and connections between people from different socio-cultural and economic backgrounds and creative areas. These workshops engage communities and artists in the development of collaborative work, calling upon the participation of children, youths and older generations, to create outputs such as public art installations, urban interventions, performances and music

Partenaire(s) recherché(s)

Looking for partners from : Spain, Greece, Italy and France (specially south but not exclusively) 

Fields : Music, Visual arts, Art Installations, Urban Interventions, Performances


Carla Cardoso,

Catarina Branco,

Europe Créative
Art, Pluridisciplinaire, Spectacle vivant