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Immer’s mission is “to make people read more often, longer and in more places, with a superior reading experience.” To achieve this mission, we have developed, tested and disseminated the Immer app within the Netherlands and are now looking to collaborate internationally.


‘Deepening European Reading Culture through the Smartphone’ (working title) is a European cooperation project that seeks to explore and strengthen European reading culture and business models. Based on a successful proof of concept in the Netherlands, called the Immer app, the project involves the dissemination and testing of innovative digital technologies to provide a beautiful, engaging and immersive reading experience on the smartphone. The project will generate increased knowledge about the specific reading cultures in partner countries and the best methods and features for engaging new digital audiences for European literature in these countries, leading to new business models and revenue streams for European publishers and authors and improved perception, accessibility and pleasure in reading for these new audiences.

The project focuses firstly on the improvement of the e-reading experience for the audience/consumers, and secondly on finding new business models for European e-literature. Hence, the project has the following objectives:

• Test the digital reading experience of translated European literary works in multiple European countries, with the goal to improve the perception, accessibility and pleasure in e-reading for audiences in those countries and the circulation of these works to a large audience;

• Research and test new business cases for the successful transnational circulation of European literature in digital forms with the goal to contribute to more sustainable revenue models for European authors and publishers.

The main activities include:

• connecting with publishers in partner countries to secure catalogues of translated European e-literature in national languages;

• technical localisation and creative buildout of a beta app in each partner country experimenting with a range of elements and features to present e-books;

• dissemination and promotion of beta versions of the app in each partner country

• testing to determine which features create the best reader experience; and

• the creation and dissemination of new business cases and offers based on research conclusions.

Partenaire(s) recherché(s)

Any EU country

To be able to successfully apply for EU support and implement the project, we are seeking partners from other European countries across three different domains of expertise:

• Associations of publishers – to facilitate connections to (national) publishers who would share a catalogue of European literary works to be adapted into new, innovative digital formats using the Immer application

• Organisations active in the promotion of literature/culture (for example, libraries, literary festivals or other cultural centres) – to reach out to new audiences who will use the app and participate in product research

• Universities/knowledge institutes – to collaborate on research into the reading cultures of partner countries and test the different formats to determine the most effective ones for serving each audience


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