Kino centras „Garsas“


Kino centras „Garsas“ is a cinema theatre in Panevezys city, Lithuania. It is the oldest cinema theatre in the country. It is a member of Europa Cinemas and CICAE networks. Each year Kino centras "Garsas" has projects supported by Panevezys Town Municipality,   Lithuanian film center, Lithuanian Culture Counsil, also has some projects with Creative Europe , Media subprogramme Automatic distribution scheme.  Kino centras "Garsas" for 15 years organizes the International film festival „European Cinema day and night“, where during one week more than 30 films are screened. The guests of the festivals are ambasadors and heads of cultural, film institutes of european countries, film makers, producers, actors and directors from Lithuania and European countries.

Once a month we have discussion evenings "Veidrodzio loze" where professional discussion moderator (psycologist, cinema critic, etc.) moderates the discussion and talk with the people what they have seen in the film, what they have understood or not understood in the film, what the director of the film wanted to show or to say in the film, what was not said or what was hidden in the film.

Since 1992 Cinema center „Garsas“ prepare educational programmes for children and young people and realizes them together with educational institutions. Continually updated educational program „Kino pamoka“ („Cinema lesson“) is for children and young people. Suggested films for schools are preventive or associated with programs of education: literacy, history, foreign language, etc. The film is introduced before the cinema lesson. After the screening young people are taught to recognize cinema interpretations, to develop critical thinking.

We would like to develop new cultural services and new educational activities for audience, that we could be closer to them. With the support of new technologies we could offer to our community new attractive options and cultural entertainment activities. We have cinema hall with 665 seats. It could be adapted to the concert hall installing sound and light equipment.  We have lobby which is 280 sq.m and could be adapted for exhibitions installing exhibition display equipment. It would be great to have innovative or interactive cinema museum. We have small cinema hall with 78 seats which could be adapted for young people with smart movie chairs. We would like that European audiovisual and cultural content (concerts, opera, animation, documentaries, heritage films, short formats and innovative content like VR) would be much more available to our audience and community. During the project we would like to have the possibility to exchange of good practices with partners.


We work very much in film education with schools and kindergardens.

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Kino centras „Garsas“
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