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Aim :

- To organise One-to-One Art Festival Kehä & find new ways of organising one-to-one performances.

- To produce community art in different contexts.

- To create working possibilities for artists working on the fields of one-to-one art & community art.

- To promote the exchange of experiences between artists and between artists and workers on social & health sector.


Aim of the project is to organise festivals or other kind of events of One-to-One art: One in Finland, one in Sweden and one in a country we are looking a partner for. We can also organise programs of one-to-one art in the contexts of other festivals or cultural events. So a partner we are looking for doesn't necessarily need to organise a specific One-to-One festival as long as you are interested in finding interesting ways of organising One-to-One art. Preferably all three partners in the project will find a bit different contexts for this. One-to-One art can be taken to social- and healthcare, cityspace or other contexts.

With One-to-One art we mean works of art that are done to an audience of one person at a time. Works can be performances, but also more like workshops. They can be theatre, dance, performances, music, circus, visual arts, literature...

Central aim of the project is to curate artprograms together & offer artists possibilities to take their works to all three countries.

In the proposed project we aim to organise an international symposium for artist practising One-to-One art. We also aim to disseminate ideas & practises via podcast, book or other forums.

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Timo Harju, timo.juhani.harju@gmail.com, +358408601657

Kulttuuriosuuskunta ILME / Cultural cooperative ILME
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