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Les Concerts de Poche is an itinerant association created in 2005 to bring renown classical, jazz and opera artists closer to people living in rural areas and low-income neighbourhoods, with 4 objectives: ►giving exposure to these music genres to groups that have little access to them ►promote social integration and individual emancipation ►create social and intergenerational bonds ►foster the dynamism of vulnerable territories The specificity of these projects lies in the link between each concert and the workshops organised ahead of the event. # The “concerts de poche” are held without decorum, in a nearby venue (community halls, sport halls). Local residents can see and hear famous or upcoming artists in a warm and intimate atmosphere. # Participatory workshops focused on the concert’s repertoire are systematically organised ahead of the event. These workshops take various shapes (writing, singing, theatre, percussions…) and timeframes (punctual or over several months).


Culture is difficult to access in the countryside. The amount of cultural infrastructure and activities is closely related to population density and urban areas. There are thus significant territorial inequalities and “white zones” that public policies, at the European, national or local level, struggle to solve. This observation is even more relevant concerning classical musical, jazz and opera since most concerts are held in the theatres and concert halls of big cities. These difficulties to access music and culture more generally are identified by various reports as an important gap in the education of rural youth, limiting their social and professional integration. A number of initiatives stemming from cultural institutions, festivals or associations like the Concerts de Poche offer opportunities to rural populations to access high-quality programmes. The issue of timeframe and long-term action nevertheless remains. Although not a replacement of a live experience, digital events could constitute a solution. The health crisis forced art performers to familiarise with this means of communication. Lastly, because of the necessary mobility, initiatives in rural areas cannot be dissociated from the issue of their environmental footprint. Objective Develop long-term musical journeys for children and youth living in rural areas via in-person activities over several weeks/months and via digital activities to extend the experience over a whole year. Several journeys will combine the goals of promoting diversity and integration, targeting populations who face multiple hardships (children and youth with disabilities for instance). These journeys will create a thirst for musical activities, empower the target population through the development of new skills acquired through the practice of music and allow participants, teachers and families to keep these efforts alive via digital tools (playlists, resources, online workshops, live and/or downloadable concerts, regular meetings, etc.) An evaluation of these activities’ environmental impact and a reflexion on possible improvements will be undertaken. This will allow all the stakeholders to systematically integrate environmental protection in their activities through monitoring and optimising tools. Implementation: Pilot project carried by Les Concerts de Poche in partnership with several European stakeholders from the cultural, educational, digital and environmental fields: experience-sharing, journey and content development, exploratory implementation in various European countries, including trans-border projects. Provisional timeline: 3 years ►December 2021-March 2022 : coordination-conception ►March 2022 – December 2024: - Content development - Pilot and implementation of 50 projects - Evaluation

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associations, festivals, music institutions working or willing to work in rural areas - organisations specialised in musical and digital content - rural local authorities France/Belgium, France/Germany, France/Luxemburg - organisations working on the evaluation and improvement of the environmental impact of cultural projects


Nathalie Roudaut, nathalie.roudaut@concertsdepoche.com
Les Concerts de Poche
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