Los sueños de Fausto, S.L.

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Los Sueños de Fausto is a Spanish theater company specialized in contemporary works by Spanish authors, with a special focus on the national promotion of our productions. In addition, throughout our twelve years of history we have contributed to the Madrid scene with various shows for adults and children with a great response from the public. We have diversified and support emerging companies, participating in co-productions with Factoría Urogallo, No time theater and El Krisol, giving them business coverage. We also participate in fairs as important as Mercartes and MADFeria. The year 2017 also brought us some awards such as the "Talavera National Contest" for best direction and the four categories (Work, direction, actor and actress) in the "Progress and Culture Foundation" awards. This year 2018 we premiered a classic “Ubú: Le Roi” and a contemporary work “El Sopar” in addition to having three projects in the pipeline. At the Villa Carrizo Festival 2019 we have won the awards for best actress and best staging. We have also been nominated for the best play. During this 2019 we have been selected in the Network of Theaters of Madrid, in addition to carrying out Requiem for Lorca. During 2020, and due to COVID, we continue to work but to sustain the company.

However, our production did not stop. And in 2021 we produced Abalconados 2020, a play comically related to the covid pandemic. Also in 2021 we have produced Landfill. Following our line of work with social denunciation. We are specialized in creating contemporary projects. Adapting the classics to the present, we work in collaboration with different institutions in the field of education, especially in the field of theater. Our contributions also go through the work at the distribution level of different companies in Spain and France. Our intention as a company has a clear social focus, but we also take care of facilitating and articulating different projects that include helping emerging artists.

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Theater, children's theater, education, stage design, gesture theater, distribution of shows nationwide.


Miguel Ángel Quirós (+0034 622 920 539)

Los sueños de Fausto, S.L.
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