Museum of Independence Traditions in Łódź


The Museum of Independence Traditions in Łódź collects and makes available cultural goods on independence, martyrdom and military matters, including works of art, archival documents, uniforms, weapons, photographs, souvenirs, publications, etc. The Museum takes care of four places of national remembrance: the former prison at Gdańska Street 13, operating from 1885 to 1953 (in 1939-1953 as a German and later communist prison for women), the former German Nazi Extended Police Prison for men in Radogoszcz, Radegast Station - a transshipment station of the Łódź ghetto and the so-called Forge of the Roma - the last remnant of the camp for the Roma people during World War II. With its activities, the Museum disseminates knowledge about the history of Poland and the Polish nation, the place of Poland in Europe and its history, military and underground activities, multiculturalism in the Polish tradition and important places of national remembrance in Łódź and the region. The museum promotes the values of democracy, active citizenship, cultural openness, respect for the history and national heritage of Poland and Europe.

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History, cultural heritage, cultural education, gamification, innovative education, audience development, promotion of museum collections, exchange of experiences in the field of museology, professional development in culture.

Our field of expertise: historical research (20th century history and the Holocaust), historical and cultural education, intercultural education, preservation of cultural heritage, protection of museum collections


Katarzyna Czekaj-Kotynia e-mail: +48 42 620 05 83

Museum of Independence Traditions in Łódź
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