My dance is your dance: access, mobility and representations of dance heritage


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My dance is your dance: access, mobility and representations of dance heritage The project is based on the idea of a transnational representation of heritage dance collections that are both publicly and privately owned. With this, we want to combine the already collected material and address the often unambiguous and exclusive national interpretation of heritage sources. The aim of the project is to show that dance and music are forms of communication where language is not an obstacle, so unlike songs, narratives and dramatic texts, it is significantly less limited to ethnic space and less "interested" in ethnic boundaries. The project will be highlighted in several ways: 1. by selecting folk dance material from border areas that reveal interethnic and transnational intertwining of cultural heritage practices, 2. by digitization and open access to the said material, which will offer opportunities for viewing, reproduction and upgrading materials in a dance-reproducing or choreographic sense in an international context, 3. by disseminating artistically interpreted material in an international space.

Partenaire(s) recherché(s)

Festival organizers; Artist cooperations or organizations, working with various choreographers and dancers; IT companies and organizations (private or public, like universities or research centres)


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