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Start-up OFFORM3D launched in September 2020 (the website is under construction, so the important visualisations are not yet available) is the first digital fashion studio in the Czech Republic with a mission to bring more awareness how the garment industry can benefit from going digital – specifically transformation from 2D to 3D mode. This new approach follows the rule of green deal, where paper and scissors as well as the calico models are being replaced by 3D items available electronically and followed by patterns to be either customised by other designers and/or printed directly on the plotter. We are running a Digital library with over 260 patterns to be found under the link Home | Ofform ( OFFORM3D studio is run by a team of enthusiastic and committed young designers who studied on top-level fashion colleges abroad and master majority of SW tools usable in 3D fashion designs. Besides their commercial activities they also offer consulting for different fashion studios and lecturing of interested individuals in Clo3D software. They provide not only full-time teaching but also on-line courses for the foreigners. The studio also posses the whole-body scanner enabling creation of avatars corresponding to the measures of individuals and other useful appliances. More details are available in the interview given by Katerina on Facebook (


Project focused on innovative approach to fashion industry enabling nature-friendly approach preventing enormous wastes. The whole process of designing, fitting and preparation of dresses will be transformed to digital sphere bringing thus economic savings. On a longer horizon the client is going to purchase his/her new clothes after fitting and personalising it on his/her Avatar available on the smart-phone. This will bring new clint´s experience as well as enlarged potential of individualisation of fashion.

Partenaire(s) recherché(s)

We are searching for a coordinator from some of the following bodies: design companies, fashion studios, universities focused on fashion, policy-makers Deadline : September 7, 2021

OFFORM3D, L.t.d.
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