One Night Gallery is the first new media art gallery in Romania whose purpose is to develop concepts, solutions and artistic products within cultural projects that combine art with emerging technologies, education and new curatorial approaches.

We support and collaborate with independent artists, studios or institutions and we provide them with the latest technologies and our experience to develop new tools of artistic expression, and offer access to the general public to projects that promote art and culture.

By bringing art in public spaces, we are constantly developing the new media art infrastructure through new formats and curated projects:

- One Night Gallery

intredisciplinary collaborations with focus on creating artistic experiences through AR, VR, video-mapping, AI, interactive installations, performances. We help artists develop new digital skills and augment heritage.

-  RADAR new media art festival

The largest festival in Romania (Bucharest) dedicated to the local digital arts & culture scene. In 2022 we had our third edition with an AI Oracle as centerpiece and 10.600 visitors in three days. In 2021 we turned an airplane into an immersive light and sound installation. We exhibit local artists and want to expand also to international artists and residences. Each edition exhibited projects developed by more than 50 independent artists & studios.

-  FAR educational platform focused on newmedia

-  XR Month mixed reality festival

In recent years we have collaborated with over 100 artists in our own curated interdisciplinary projects and commissioned commercial ones, and we have reached an audience of over 160,000 visitors, thus promoting young Romanian artists and designers through emerging technologies.

We revitalize spaces with urban value and heritage houses, we have created immersive shows and a series of installations and projects that apply AI such as GPT3, GAN, Style transfer, as well as Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, interactive installations, Video Mapping and bring together artists from different creative backgrounds.

- Offer artists constant access to technologies, equipment & know-how
- Develop crossdisciplinarity contexts which innovate and get involved in residencies amongst international & local artists.
- Contribute to an international ecosystem for the new media art scene that helps cultural mobility and creates new collaborations.
- Educate the public to better understand how new media can be applied in cultural & artists projects & getting familiar with the jobs of the future.
- Make art exhibitions more attractive to a broader audience and transform them into immersive shows through innovation. - Repurpose architectural monuments and cultural institutions into immersive new media art spaces.
- To revitalize spaces with urban value, heritage houses and to bring projects into the public space.


We are interested in participating as a partner in European projects linked to visual arts & technology, performing arts & technology, music & technology, education & informal learning.

Partenaire(s) recherché(s)

Looking for partners from all Creative Europe participating countries

Fields : visual arts, arts and technology, performing arts, cultural events and festivals organization, new technologies, innovation, museum education programs.



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