PI “Theatre City”


Public Institution "Theatre City" Budva boasts an extraordinary experience in the production of theatre and cultural events in Budva.

In particular it yearly organizes Festival "Theatre City", a cultural event under the patronage of Municipality of Budva, which takes place during summer months since 1987. The Festivasl involves squares in the Old town as well as parts of city outside of centre, transforming these areas into a scene in open, on which a visitor can become a participant of the artistic act. We boast with our interesting and numerous scenes – picturesque squares, churches, ancient basilica, which are all in the very heart of Old Town Budva. But that is not all we offer to our audience. Our guests are used to have at their artistic disposal the entire Municipality of Budva. For specific plays, trying to fulfill director’s artistic vision, we like to activate other venues. Beaches, convent complexes, old fortifications around Budva and authentic natural rural environment are venues we are proud to have worked on and continue to explore.

“Theatre City” was conceived as a intersection of contemporary achievements first of all theatrical, and then art, musical and literary creations, and by its program quality still confirms its prestige not just as a host to many troops and creators, but also with a quality of its production activities with which it questions authentic cultural heritage of Budva and Montenegro, and ability to implement those questions into modern models of artistic practices. Careful selection of visiting programs, based on choosing the best projects of the classical theatre, but also of the theatres that turned to new tendencies, is what makes this festival recognizable not just to the audience but also to the professionals in the branch.




Milena Lubarda Marojević, director: gradteatar@t-com.me

Aleksandra Maslovar, manager: projekti@gradteatar.me

PI “Theatre City”
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