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Dedicated to socially engaged performing arts programmes with a participatory, collaborative ethos. Working with communities and bringing them together with artists to realise projects of mutual interest and concern.


Upstate Theatre Project are interested in researching the potential for linking with locally based international communities, their histories, culture and personal stories through the medium of song. The project seeks to

  • Work with, or establish, song groups in partnering countries that are based on socially engaged, participatory, collaborative practice.
  • Establish the skills in each group,  and provide means of integrating members from communities who perhaps feel ill equipped to participate in song.
  • Explore song and singing traditions as a means to establishing genuine dialogue around cultural tolerance and understanding
  • Establish a small repertoire that   lends a unique identity to the extant members, individually and collectively.
  • Exploring songs from all traditions as possible extension of their  repertoire but lending itself to an agreed identity.
  • Create membership inclusive of  'new communities' that are now resident in each locality to reflect a genuine international membership.
  • Explore ways that the members of the group themselves connect with international communities now based locally to aid the above.
  • To investigate ways of international cultural exchange through song between the partner groups that further explores the nuance of cultural expression, its significance and meaning past, present and future.

The project seeks to look to local and international song traditions that continue to resonate in communities. While traditions can be explored the groups are not solely folk in idiom. The project may seek to re-fashion old songs with modern interpretations, altering the nature of material that suit the skills within the groups. Similarly group sizes and styles should not correspond solely with choral, folk or pop traditions, Approaches and styles should be expected to be fluid and open to new interpretation that meets the requirements and skill set in groups. Groups explore songs, their historical  provenance, cultural and social  context.

Partenaire(s) recherché(s)

The partners must be community engaged organisation, or organisations with a dedicated community engaged department, with a track record in participatory, collaborative practice. The groups may be extant or established as part of the international exchange programme. The groups will seek to include members from newer communities in the locale. Part of the project however can also integrate methodologies to better engage with all communities through the process of song and singing. Groups should consist of people over eighteen.


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