Adam et le nuage magique


Adam is an 8-year-old boy who loves horseback riding. When he and his father are involved in a terrible car accident that leaves him paraplegic, Adam must adjust to his new life in a wheelchair and deal with other people's reactions to his disability.On a stormy night, his life is turned upside down again. Dozens of small white cloud-like creatures called "Dreamos" enter his room through the window pane and float towards Adam who is fast asleep and having a restless night. They merge into a large cloud. The cloud surrounds the sleeping boy and lifts him towards a mysterious vortex that just opened in the ceiling. Adam and the Dreamos are sucked in. The vortex’ spiral closes immediately on itself, leaving only a small drop of water falling onto the bed, bounces then rolls before immobilizing.This occurs every night. Once he is asleep, the Dreamos show up and take Adam on mind blowing journeys where he gets to meet amazing creatures such as Batata, the Dreamos’ leader, the Giant Bear, or the Dragon-fishes. One night, while journeying with his cloud-like friends, Adam is faced with a disturbing reality when he encounters dark evil creatures called the Darkos and their fearsome leader, Jettatura. They all live in a large sinister Black Cloud, and represent mankind's destructive impulses and emotions. They fear only one thing: goodness. With more than a little help from the Dreamos' and his new friend Lena (a girl from his school), Adam will eventually find the courage to face the Darkos.Between dream and reality, everyday life and amazing adventures, spanning the entire range of human emotions, this story delves into the extraordinary journey of a disabled child who will discover that his difference can also be his greatest strength!

Structure porteuse: 
2d 3d Animations
Europe Créative
Financement obtenu: 
60 000 €
Nouvelle Aquitaine