"Beausoleil" is a 2D animation film project aimed at a children and family audience, for a theatrical release worldwide.The film is an adventure comedy, set in France in Year 2322, a country transformed into a desert by global warming. After their mother's death, two children decide to travel to the faraway Paris, to look for their father who left years ago to get magic seeds that would save their village. To find him, they will have to face many dangers and cross the Big Desert to arrive in Paris, with the help of their charming but greedy uncle Sid, just released from the penitentiary.The film will be directed by Xabi Molia, it will be his 4th feature film and first animation film. The film will be co-directed with a director experienced in animated films.The project is developed with the French animation studio Je Suis Bien Content (JSBC), whose experience and animation quality is internationally recognized ("April and the Extraordinary World", "Persépolis"). JSBC will be the line producer, will handle part of the animation, and will coordinate the workflow between the European animation studios involved.This 6.3 M € budget film will be produced in France by Moteur S'il Vous Plaît (Christie Molia), in delegate coproduction with Fin Août Productions (Marielle Duigou), and will also be a coproduction with Belgium and Luxemburg."Beausoleil" will be distributed in France by Haut et Court, who previously released with success several animation films for children and family (including "Pachamama" and "Song of the Sea"). France tv distribution will be the international sales agent (their line-up includes auteur signatures like André Téchiné, Nicole Garcia, and new talent Xabi Molia since their involvment on "Kings for a day").
Structure porteuse: 
Moteur s'il vous plait production
Europe Créative
Financement obtenu: 
60 000 €