Billy le Hamster Cowboy

Billy the Cowboy Hamster is a 2D animated series for children 4 to 7. It is adapted from the books by Catharina Valckx published by l'école des loisirs in France and sold over one million copies, translated into German, Italian, Dutch, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, Catalan and Polish languages."I want my stories to be reassuring and funny - that's what matters to me the most. I have been often struck by the fact that kids enjoy slightly absurd humor, even at a very young age. Humor that makes you smile rather than laugh out loud, like a reassuring gift, for kids and adults -like myself - alike." Catharina ValckxThis animated series aims to keep the same tone as the books: funny and lively adventures in the Far West which promote sincere friendship and geniune kindness (main quality of our hero and his friends) with a slighty quirky humor rooted in mischievious situations and zany dialogues.
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Dandeloo Sarl
Europe Créative
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60 000 €