Brain Derp

Dedicated to a 16-35 audience, BRAIN DERP is a 2D comedy web-series set up in 24 x 2 minute webisodes. The humour combines the randomness of Family Guy, the popular culture parody of Robot Chicken, and the offensive wisecracks of Archer and sets them in a limitless Rick and Morty-esque world. BRAIN DERP also borrows Rick and Morty’s well-trodden mismatched duo dynamic with the socially awkward self-professed genius and his ordinary, down-to-earth, somewhat whiny side-kick.STEVE, an egomaniacal young geek, wants to make the perfect comedy sketch for the internet. Problem: he has no friends. So he creates NICK, an imaginary friend, who will assist him in achieving his goal in the animated reality of his mind. Unfortunately for NICK, STEVE is a sociopath, and because NICK is essentially disposable, he must put up with every stupid, weird, and pervert sketch STEVE can possibly concoct. Will STEVE achieve the perfect sketch? Or will NICK become so fed up he’ll find a way out the maze of STEVE’s mind and become more than just a thought? Probably neither...
Structure porteuse: 
Europe Créative
Financement obtenu: 
60 000 €