Certains d'entre nous

There are no major sports events where the issue of racism doesn’t make press headlines. Unfortunately, numerous discriminations linked to gender and sexual orientation undermine the very nature of sport which is a place for sharing and joyfulness, cooperation, respect and fairness.But even though this evil is very much present, on the eve of such a major sporting event as the Tokyo Olympic Games, it is vital to analyze it and to show this reflection of intolerance, even if it is only to decry it or to bring our spectators to be aware of it.In order to do that, we decided to tell the stories of great athletes who have all had exceptional paths and who have all been discriminated against.We are planning on a series of ten portraits of young well-known and contemporary athletes: women, men – and also an intersex person, of all different nationalities, all disciplines combined.The diversity we are aiming for is important because it shows the extent of the issue and is also a guarantee of international potential.These portraits will be dealt with in ten-minute animation films – also using archives – that are intended for television and traditional media (whether conventional television or online platforms, YouTube channels or “Op Docs” type formats) and also Divina web apps and apps, as we did with www.panamaalbrown.com thus allowing wider distribution to a more diverse audience base as well as vaster commercialization and increased revenues. We also plan on a paper edition to complement this 360° broadcast.Using a common presentation and generic title, CERTAINS D’ENTRE NOUS / SOME OF US, each episode will exist within its own right in order for the viewer to realize that he is looking at an individual, an individual who gave the best of himself.
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Europe Créative
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60 000 €