Diverse developed in Europe, the market of the contemporary circus is badly identified and unbalanced in view of the whole territory. It remains narrow and competitive. = All obstacles to mobility.
Consider circulation as a common project, shared by programmers and companies, in the perspective that everyone and each show finds its proper place, taking into account the various contexts and issues. Open the market to generalist professionals outside the sector. -> These shifts in perspective may prove promising for promoting the mobility of contemporary circus.
CircusLink will focus on meeting the needs of companies and programmers (from the circus sector and beyond).
The experiment will be conducted for twenty-four months, from September 2019 to August 2021.
Based on the development of a collaborative working method, it will bring together the consortium partners (four festivals and a network dedicated to contemporary circus), four companies selected collectively, and programmers (sector and generalists) chosen according to their reflecting the disparities in the market, and invited to participate in the experiment.
This will focus on the articulation of cooperation "in the presence" (during meetings, programming shows ...) and online. For this, a digital collaborative platform will be developed around a dynamic database and cartography documenting the distribution structures, companies and tours that are going on or developing; an online dialogue space will allow the continuity of exchanges between participants in the experiment.
At the end of this, a vade mecum documenting the collaborative working method developed, and a documentary film on the project will disseminate the results.

Structure porteuse: 
Association ARCHAOS
Europe Créative
Financement obtenu: 
200.000 EUR
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