Derby's Nightmare

A lone Private detective is looking to find the truth about what happened to his friend. His investigation leads him to an underground bar. And that’s where things get pretty bizarre, from the backroom of the bar, he is going to explore the depths of Paris, and will surely find trouble on his dark path.Based on the unique design of Bastien Vives, DERBY’S NIGHTMARE is a roguelite based on the famous novel The Thing on the Doorstep from H.P.Lovecraft. The game invites you to explore an infinite number of possible catacomb levels, populated by muggers, cultists, and progressively, as you go deeper, weird creatures... and real Horror that dwells below.Each and every room is plunged into darkness, only lit around the Hero by the candle he carries. The Hero will only have a simple cane at first, along with some items that he will collect along the way, to accomplish his destiny, and unravel the mystery around DERBY’S NIGHTMARE - why he is here, and who he is fighting...DERBY’S NIGHTMARE will be published on SteamPC - XBox One - PS4 at a price of 14,99 €The game features a solo mode, an online PVP mode and a cooperative online multiplayer mode (up to 3 players).
Structure porteuse: 
Europe Créative
Financement obtenu: 
150 000 €