Dernier Adieu


Let Go (Dernier Adieu) is a five-part VR experience that confronts the viewer to his relation to death, through age-old mourning rituals in Japan, Lithuania, Australia, South Africa and China.Each episode offers a different experience and a dedicated narrative about one of these mourning rituals.The audience will have the responsibility of carrying the ritual out, or else the fear - unique to each culture - will present itself. Meanwhile, the exploration of the virtual environment offers them the possibility to discover a scripted, character-driven storyline.
In every culture, mourning ritual is essential for the separation with the deceased. It can be individual or collective, religious or not. The ritual while being held to pay a last tribute to the dead, is actually meant for the living. Without the ritual, there cannot be mourning.Let Go (Dernier Adieu) is a thrilling experience that blends spirituality, ethnological approach and use of codes that are usually seen in genre movies and specific literature. Mixing fiction and documentary material, the virtual reality offers a privileged window to these ancestral cultural practices that we wouldn’t otherwise have access to.Let Go (Dernier Adieu) is an anthology: the different episodes are autonomous from each other and can therefore be discovered with no specific order. They are linked by the same theme, but there is no repetition between them due to their variety of shape and narrative. They are making altogether an original corpus expanding our views on the world and challenging our perception of death. The distribution of this project will follow this same principle of modularity, which offers us new, interesting broadcasting and monetization prospects.

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60 000 €