EEEmerging+ (Emerging European Ensembles) is a large-scale European Cooperation project which will take place from 01/09/2019 to the 28/02/2023 involving 9 managing partners from Croatia, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Latvia, Poland, Spain and UK and several associated and supporting partners. EEEmerging+ 3 main objectives and related actions are: To empower young ensembles and artists aiming at pursuing an international career in Early music.>Actions: The Career Building activities are mainly deployed through a network of Residencies in 13 countries offering the opportunity of concerts (Festivals, Showcases), training sessions (in a holistic approach ranging from management to health practices, including communication, dissemination and artistic project development), promotion material, and an Academy mixing established ensembles and young individual artists. To foster in the artists and sector operators the drive towards innovation in all its forms.>Actions: The Innovation Labs encourage both the ensembles and the partners to experiment: Tech Labs, Audience Labs and Performance Labs. The results of these “experiments” will be shared with the Community, with a long-term impact that will go beyond our sector. To encourage the expansion of the community of individuals, ensembles and organizations interested in EEEmerging+ and Early Music in general.>Actions: The Community Life activities provide data and new esources, as well as occasions of interaction and exchange (through the web Portal), a Knowledge gathering and sharing topic and an annual Assembly gathering the supported ensembles. The communication and dissemination strategy of EEEmerging+ supports an approach to structuring the Early music sector, the promotion of the project and its vitality through the use of new technologies and a resolutely modern image, and highlights the values of the European Union.

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2.000.000 EUR