European Nomad answers a double problematic : the co-construction of new practices for professionals of the culture through transnational cooperation and the professional insertion of migrants into the cultural ecosystem in their host countries.For this purpose, we are relying on a current experiment tied to our pedagogical national program “artistic and cultural production” in which we integrated an asylum seeker and the founder of the association “Exilophone”. We are also partners with multiple social associations working with migrants (Singa, Techfugees…)“European Nomad” is willing to develop a professional training program deeming culture as an integration vector. It is about giving this “non-chosen” mobility of people a reason, a dignity and a coherence back through a project carrying common european values. The project is going to allow the migrants to obtain knowledge of their host countries’ ecosystems, to obtain competences tied to the territorial and cultural specificities, and to be reintegrated into a network encouraging their professional insertion.The expected impacts of this professional training program are the development of : new practices coming from the exchange of knowledge between european professionals and migrants directed to the publics and migrant publics specifically ; the professional insertion of migrants in the cultural field of the home country ; a network of cultural initiatives tied to the question of the insertion of migrants in european countries.“European Nomad” wishes to answer to the urgency of the professional transformation of the cultural sector as well as answering to the world challenge of migrating flux via a training program which goes beyond its own sector and the borders of its consortium. Because the added european value stands in a transnational cooperation for a more global, fast and efficient resolution and long-term, world problematics.

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