Folimage (Slate Funding)


The catalog of projects that Folimage presents at Media this year develops:• 1 young public feature film cut out,• 1 special TV for young audience in digital animation,• 1 teen-adult series for the web with a mix of techniques,• 1 preschool series for TV broadcasting in tradi-digital animation,• 1 short young audience stop motion (animated puppets).The Secret of the Birds:Caroline, archaeologist, takes part in excavations in the countryside, in the same region where she grew up. Lucie, her daughter, joins her a few days for her holidays. Caroline has always dodged questions about her family history. But Lucie learns that her mother is from here and that she is hiding a secret. Also, when she realizes that a couple of tits wants to help him in his quest, without hesitation, the girl decides to follow them. Thanks to the birds, Lucie goes from discovery to discoveryLooking for Santa :Ten years old, William drags his loneliness in the mansion of his millionaire parents.Accustomed to get everything, he asks for Santa's gift in person. To meet his son's desire, William's father hired a renowned hunter. The unscrupulous mercenary prepares a trap for his exceptional prey. Will William's imprudent wish put an end to the magic of Christmas?Uncanny stories :The idea is to associate several authors and directors to form a scary animated film omnibus, an ensemble that is both homogeneous and diverse in which every story replies to the next and is part of a whole programme is which the common thread is fear.Pippa and the animals parcPatapaw Zoo is home to Pippa, the vet’s young dachshund. Pippa is curious and empathetic; she takes great interest in her friends at the zoo. She shares their joys, their sorrows and all the silly mistakes they make…

Structure porteuse: 
Europe Créative
Financement obtenu: 
200 000 €