Green Europe Experience (GEX) is a three-year-long Living Lab based on fostering capacity building in the music sector. The main goal of GEX is to create, test and assess a sustainable production and evaluation model for European music festivals and provide professionals and relevant stakeholders with adequate skills and competences to tackle the change. The project aims to strengthen a complex system of replicable practices for promoting the implementation of the circular economy model in music festivals and the cultural sector, thanks to offline and online actions and strategies. GEX aspiration is to become the first European network of sustainable music festivals, able to foster sustainability principles in music festivals and the whole cultural sector. Its members are 4 European music festivals and 2 non-profit environmental organisations based in six different European countries (France, Belgium, Germany, United Kingdom, Slovakia and Portugal), with a strong background and expertise in sustainable management and evaluation of music festivals. GEX Living Lab will be built around two main topics (Sustainable Scenography and Food), structured in three phases (Reflection, Experimentation and Evaluation) and implement a number of methodologies (Learning-by-doing, Peer Learning and Mentoring), with the aim to bring about change and innovation in the music festival sector and beyond. The modus operandi of GEX could be summarised in this sentence: Think Globally, Act Locally, Change Collectively. Reflections and knowledge sharing are managed at a global scale, while real-life testing happens at the local level, taking into account territorial diversity. Simultaneous experimentation in different European music festivals allows for a glocal comparison of experiences, aimed at sharing replicable best practices. Finally, change is collectively-led, since we believe that only the implication of diverse stakeholders could bring about innovation and societal transformation

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