Increase is a "cross-over" auteur film, written and directed by an author-director with a background of 3 mainstream children's films. With Increase, his desire and ambition was to move to a cross-over auteur cinema for adults, in English, with a slightly anticipatory subject matter, flirting with the genre. The references were "I, Tonya", or "Welcome to Gattaca". I immediately felt that this subject was strong, that it was "in the air", and that Nicolas had the right profile to direct it.To achieve this ambition, we called upon a Canadian co-screenwriter, Sheila Erdmann, who is used to more commercial films, and with a writing style that meets the codes with which the American and Anglo-Saxon industry is familiar. From the very first exchanges with this author, the method used was original and seemed to suit Nicolas Bary. But little by little, the development began to skate. In spite of the script versions in good evolution, Nicolas Bary decided to put the project aside and devote his time to another project before this one.
Structure porteuse: 
Les films à un dollar
Europe Créative
Financement obtenu: 
50 000 €