La Compagnie des taxis-brousse (Slate Funding)


La Compagnie des Taxi-Brousse is a leading French, independent production company, specializing in documentaries since 1991The three projects on offer from the company are single-episode films for TV. Yasuni, The Cleaner, and Ariane 6 have each a strong international potential. The three projects will be part of European and American co-productions (Ecuador, Mexico…). The films are focused on scientific, social and cultural issues – fields where Compagnie des Taxi-Brousse is specialized.The first project, 'Yasuni, the last lost world', coproduced along with Toisan Films, follows a scientific expedition into the heart of the world’s most bio diverse forest in Ecuador. It will be an exploration into the beautiful and mysterious Amazonian canopy, presented by Esteban Baus and Philippe Molins.'The Cleaner' is a 70-minute documentary film developed alongside Native Voice Films (UK) and directed by Phil Cox. It explores the complexities of contemporary Mexican society through the daily life of Donovan, the sole professional forensics cleaner of a nation torn apart by violence.'Ariane 6' reveals a cross-national science enterprise – a new chapter in man’s journey to conquer space, bringing together contributors from across Europe (France, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Switzerland…) – and into which the viewer will be immersed.

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La Compagnie des taxis-brousse
Europe Créative
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150 000 €