La femme de l'ombre

GETZL and DITA, a Hassidic couple in their 30s, lives in Jerusalem's most religious neighborhood. They love each other deeply but fail to conceive a child. According to the Orthodox Jewish law, if a couple fails to conceive for ten years they must divorce and attempt to have children with others. Surprisingly at the end of the 10th year Dita gets pregnant. She sees this pregnancy as a miracle, but worried she might have to abort for medical reasons, she decides to forgo her check-ups. As the pregnancy advances she becomes increasingly isolated. Dita dies during labour, giving birth to a male baby with two heads, NOAH and LOT.Getzl remains the sole parent. Lot has a tendency for malice, even evil, while Noah is wise, good hearted and excels in his Torah studies. The teachers and Rabbis predict the boy will have a great future. Lot, on the other hand, has a strange craving for money. At the age of ten he is already a loan shark, lending out small sums to his classmates. In addition he is a bully, rugged and tough. Noah, a witness to Lot's many misdeeds, remains a forgiving brother. He tries to mend Lot's ways without demanding anything in return. At the same time, Lot is patient and quiet and does during his brother's studies. Slightly before their Bar Mitzvah, the ghost of Dita comes to visit her sons, who cannot recognize her cause Noah’s death.Lot undergoes many complicated surgeries to be separated from his dead brother. Meanwhile Getzl is broken over the death of his favourite son and blames Lot for causing Noah’s death. 7 years later, Lot’s in his early 20s. He looks twisted and scary, lives alone, and collects debts for a lout. But money does not interest him; he misses his brother very much.One day he meets LEAH (19), a rare island of kindness. She reminds him of his brother. He realizes that to protect her he must distance himself from her. She wants to save Lot from his evil nature, but to deal with Lot’s destructive power, she'll have to risk her life.
Structure porteuse: 
Sophie Dulac Productions
Europe Créative
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50 000 €