La Table et le Territoire


Sustainable food, an eminently cultural, societal and ecological subject, is a major issue throughout the European Union. Our program The Table and the Territory, aims at capitalizing the know-how in participatory research-creation on a European scale with a wide network of actors, scientists, cultural professionals and local inhabitants as well as to create the conditions of a synergy at European level. It is about highlighting the importance of a socio-ecological transformation of the territories integrating the contributions of culture in the participative approaches, encouraging the dialogue and the citizen mobilization on the stakes of a renewed culture of food and inventing new fields of action and funding for culture through the demonstration of Cultural Based Solutions (as we speak of Nature Based Solution).From innovative initiatives in the sustainable food sector in France, Spain, the Czech Republic, Grece and Italy, artists, scientists and citizens will conduct research-creation on innovative fields and share the results of their experiences with participatory arts productions, public meetings, a digital platform, a festival, a publication and some learning and training sessions. Our goal, after a first 30-month program, is to build a sustainable network and to integrate other European actors and initiatives to structure a real network to grow a culture of sustainability, to make embody other artistic, scientific and political stories of Earth's transformation.

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Europe Créative
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199.366 EUR