Le retour

A man and a woman cross Syria at war. Forty-year-old Taysir, a Syrian, an exile in France, but despite the risks has returned to his homeland to return the body of his elder brother Kamal, who died during the fighting ravaging the country, to the village of his ancestors in the north of the country. Juliette, Taysir’s French passenger, wants to return to France. These two do not know each other, but must nevertheless travel together. During the journey, they learn that Kamal had joined the jihadi camp, a betrayal that leads Taysir to question his mission. There is no turning back, however. In spite of the threats they face, Taysir and Juliette come to know each other during the trip. At their journey’s end, they bury Kamal’s remains on Mesopotamian land. A new lease on life.
Structure porteuse: 
La Fabrica Nocturna
Europe Créative
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50 000 €