Les désobéissantes

Why should the vocation of a woman be less valuable than that of a man ? At the time of a disaffection of the Christian faith, why does the Vatican oppose priesthood for women when all other monotheistic religions have at least started to cross the line ?"To say today that only men can administer the sacraments because they alone can incarnate the figure of Christ is a ridiculous argument” says Jacqueline, a brilliant 25 years old theologian, who wants to become a priest. “This must be put in the right place: the days when Earth was flat and Galileo persecuted ". Our storytelling will concentrate on three women who decided to break this taboo, to become catholic priests and to let the world know. Who are these women who defy the law and decide to follow their aspirations, at the risk of being excommunicated?Around these three committed and awesome women, the international movement WOW "Woman ordination Worldwide” leads a lobby for the ordination of women and challenge the Vatican. These women move mountains, allowing themselves to go beyond limits. As such, they embody the quintessence of all women's struggles since the beginning of history. How can one accomplish oneself when one's vocation is forbidden, because one is born in a woman's body?
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