Les films de la Butte (Slate Funding)


The four documentary film projects hereby proposed continue in the same vein as our previous films. Through the work of contemporary artists, they aim to reveal the important thrusts of modern society which still struggle to find an expression. A particular attention will be paid to feminism.With “Monsieur Antoine”, Sebastiano d'Ayala Valva proposes a film about a forgotten character, the inventor of modern hairstyling. His film addresses with delicacy the issue of fragility in artistic creation, by telling the story of a man who spent his life trying to give a deep meaning to his ephemeral art. By doing so, he radically changed the way women are represented in society and strengthened the feminist movement.« Moonlight Jerusalem », by Tamara Erde, offers a personal point of view on Jerusalem, by exploring the city in the dead of night, with the help of Mahmoud Darwich's poetry. She will leap into the darkness of this complex city, which reveals itself more clearly at night, when the turmoil of current affairs and tourism gives way to the poetry of the shadows and the words of its inhabitants.Eric Pinoit's « November » takes us on a journey to discover one of the most important artistic movements of the 20th century : Minimalist music. In a quest for total purity, this movement is rooted in the work of Dennis Johnson. It tells us about the subtleties of time, the harmony of nature and the beauty of living on little means.With “The FARC Women”, the Colombian director Priscila Farfan Padilla tells us about the return of female FARC combatants to civilian life. Having been herself trained to become a child soldier, she now sets off with her camera to meet the women whose fate she would have shared, had it not been for an encounter with a film crew.

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Les productions cinématographiques de la Butte Montmartre
Europe Créative
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120 000 €