Les Films Pélléas (Slate Funding)

Les Films Pelléas is an independent feature production company firmly rooted in the French film industry since 1990, and has produced more than 80 movies, amongst which 30 international coproduction. It is presenting 3 projects in its slate application, mixing renewed collaboration with talented directors whose previous films the company produced and emerging talents (it's only Karim Moussaoui's second feature). Choices that reflect the company's profile: to produce local films for an international audience, driven by unique filmmakers’ signature (even though it also produces features from very renowned directors such as Pierre Salvadori, Nicole Garcia, Christophe Honoré). This slate will be an opportunity to consolidate its relationships with foreign coproducers Pelléas has been working with on previous films (Germany, Belgium, Algeria, Lebanon and finally Luxembourg, with whom we only worked once) and to create new cooperations with another German coproducer : Komplizen Films. The projects are likely to be released abroad and to be presented at relevant international festivals thanks to the work of international sellers that will represent them. Indeed, Karim Moussaoui’s previous film was selected at Un Certain Regard in 2016, Katell Quillévéré's in Venice in 2016, and Danielle Arbid’s in Toronto in 2015. The financing strategies show how important international coproductions are in a changing industry, despite the firm position of Pelléas in a very privileged national system. While the company relies on the long-standing partnerships, it also takes innovating routes. Pelléas is also innovative in its activities in terms of distribution and marketing, which will benefit to the slate projects in order to target the largest audience possible.
Structure porteuse: 
Europe Créative
Financement obtenu: 
180 000 €