Little Big Story (Slate Funding)

LITTLE BIG STORY, an audiovisual production company founded in 2014 and based in Paris, France, presents a catalogue of 4 documentary projects with high international potential in co-production, distribution and outreach.MOSUL EYE (first film, co-production, impact campaign)For more than three years, a young historian from Mosul decided to scientifically document ISIS occupation under the pseudonym “Mosul Eye”. A figure of civil resistance to ISIS, its blog is followed by more than 300,000 people. This creative documentary is his story. In coproduction with BULLITT FILM (DANEMARK) and STENOLA PRODUCTIONS (BELGIUM) With FIRST HAND FILM distribution.TAIWAN DEMOCRACY LAB ( co-production, impact campaign)Audrey Tang, anarchist, transgender and Taiwan Digital Minister, surrounded by computer geeks with vertiginous IQ, has a weapon: lines of code. Her project: to make Taiwan the world lab of direct democracy.This geo-political 2.0 documentary is co-produced with TONDOWSKI FILMS (GERMANY) and BULLITT FILM (DANEMARK). With JAVA FILMS in distribution, and an impact campaign taking the form of a transmedia project.LADY SAPIENS (coproduction, VR)A scientific and feminist film, LADY SAPIENS unveils for the first time the place of women in prehistory, focusing on the latest scientific discoveries.The film, associated with a VR experience, initiates a unique partnership with UBISOFT.In co-production with IDEACOM (CANADA).With FRANCE TELEVISIONS DISTRIBUTION.NENETS, A PEOPLE AT RISK (coproduction, VR, impact campaign)A polar and environmental western, this feature documentary tell the story of the NENETS, breeders of deer for 5 000 years, who live in Siberia on the site of the main Russian gaz safe. Will they survive ?Associated with a VR series (5 X 8') and an impact campaign. In coproduction with DOMINO Production (Belgium), in distribution with ECHO STUDIO and VISIBLE FILMS.
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Little Big Story
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132 000 €