The Maskmaker

“The Maskmaker” is an adventure game in VR inspired by the fascinating world of traditional and theatrical masks.Enter the shop of Prospero, a fabled mask craftsman who mysteriously disappeared. Play with the "Cosmo-masks" and discover their ability: portals to different environments, inhabited by supernatural beings, “Spirits” with various personalities, invented by Prospero himself. Travel from mask to mask in search of Prospero and interact with these spirits to accomplish various challenges that will make you feel a wide variety of emotions. Experience an initiatory journey coupled with a quest for identity. Through the choices made all along the experience, you will be led to produce your own mask that will take you to a unique visual trip that reflects your journey. Be in a state of perpetual discovery and feel the urgency, as the experience takes place in a limited time. During 1 hour, experience a fabulous adventure full of twists and turns! Suited to all audiences, “The Maskmaker” will be designed in two versions: a "solo" version for domestic distribution (Oculus, Vive, PSVR) and an arcade version for Location based entertainment (VR Arcades).
Structure porteuse: 
Innerspace Vr France
Europe Créative
Financement obtenu: 
120 000 €