mAPs - Artistic Projects in Migration - is a transdisciplinary cooperation between 5 European countries - France, Italy, Greece, Germany and Finland -, associated with a strong international network. mAPs aims to produce a collection of screendance projects composed of 4 short screendance productions and 1 feature danced documentary on a major social subject in Europe. For its first 2019-2022 edition, mAPs will focus on the theme of POWER, broken down by country:• POWER & IDENTITY in France,• POWER & MEDIAS in Italy,• POWER & MUTATIONS in Greece,• POWER & ENVIRONMENT in Finland,knowing that the danced documentary produced by Germany will deal with the theme from different angles, while analyzing the artistic development process specific to mAPs.This groundbreaking danced documentary will show how the innovative methodology designed by mAPs links to the creations development process:• a high-level mentoring programme for artist teams, based on mobility and the sharing of skills, in conjunction with leading international professionals, • an inclusive dynamic of indigenous and migrant populations residing in the creations territories, for an intercultural dialogue conducive to better living together and to the strengthening of European citizenship,• intense distribution at European and world level, extended to the dance, digital and audiovisual markets, not only of the screendance collection but also of mAPs as a quality label, committed to an new artistic approach, socially responsible and accessible to the largest publics.The expansion and diversification of audiences, combined with the recognition of mAPs as the spearhead of dance for screen by the international professional community, will make it possible to build a new sustainable economic model with a view to creating a European production company dedicated to societal dance-for-screen genre.

Structure porteuse: 
Europe Créative
Financement obtenu: 
200.000 EURO
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