Nelly et César in Town

New look, new characters, new environment, season 2 of the Nelly & Caesar’s animation series is the change in continuity. The series is an adaptation of the best-selling range of books illustrated by Ingrid Godon. Nelly, the mouse and Caesar, the frog, are living tender and fun adventures with their friends Fred, Mina and Leo. The relationships of our young characters are at the heart of every story whose values are friendship, mutual support and respect and crossbreeding cultures. Each episode is accompanied by an original song or a small workshop, in which Nelly and Caesar offer a fun activity based on the concept of learning while having fun;If the first series of 52 episodes took place in rural areas, the second season will go to discover the urban environment. Nelly, Caesar and their friends of the first hour will meet strange characters, 3 meerkats: Louna & Kev (brother and sister) and Nico (the cousin). Caps, clothes, rollers, music, cooking…everything differentiates them. Our small team will have to learn to enrich themselves of their differences to live, all together, very beautiful discoveries. Until now, the universe has allowed the publication of fifty books, the edition of DVD series in different languages, a VOD exploitation on different platforms ... and the realization of many derived products such as activity boxes, games, stuffed animals, clothes, mugs, etc. Starting this second season, we want to strengthen the possibilities of multimedia exploitation and the visibility of the publishing as the derivate products on the mass market.
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60 000 €