Neo Guru, confessions d'une enfant cristal

Jessica Schab, aka Jessica Mystic, was the first 2.0 star of the New Age movement, thanks to her numerous videos spreading a message of “unconditional Love“. She had a following of hundreds of thousands of people and gave conferences around the world, having become the new idol of the New Age community; the first Crystal Child ever incarnated on Earth – the ultimate stage of spiritual achievement.Yet one day, Jessica realizes the scam she was brought up in and the ravages it may have created. She cannot ignore anymore the behaviour of “colleagues“ who manipulate their followers up to sex abuse, financial exploitation or even death by criminal negligence. She sees the money made at the expense of believers sometimes led to personal bankruptcy, and understands that she too may have worsened some of her vulnerable followers’ situation. Rapidly, she speaks out and renounces her “spiritual life“, to start a long journey of mind deconditioning. When Elisabeth, the Director, in a process of questioning spiritual New Age as well, hears about her story, she decides to meet her. Together, they commit to a deep deconstruction work of its load of pseudoscience, conspiracy theories and often-dangerous “alternative“ practices. A true friendship arises as they define their new goal: tell their stories and inform. They expose the billion-dollar industry and its new gurus who, while promising personal harmony, put hundreds of millions of people around the world at risk.As they meet followers and experts, and go to emblematic New Age places, Jessica and Élisabeth give us an unprecedented and uncompromising deciphering of the leaders, the networks, the finances and the practices of a proselyte and planetary stream of thought that is now considered as the greatest sectarian threat.
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Temps Noir
Europe Créative
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