Pan Européenne (Slate Funding)

This slate is presenting four projects currently in development by PAN-EUROPEENNE, which are good examples of the diversity of the company’s line-up and demonstrate its will of innovation : - OUR BREASTS OUR WEAPONS, Darya Zhuk’s second feature film, tells Oksana Chatchko’s life, founder of the FEMEN movement, co-written by Christina Lazaridi, co-produced with Arthouse Traffic (Ukraine) and Lago Film (Germany);- THE LEGENDARIES by Guillaume Ivernel, an animated film, for the young audience, based on the original comics by Patrick Sobral, written by Antoine Schoumsky, co-produced with Belvision (Belgium) and with Maybe Movies (France) as line producer;- BAD NATURE, Jean-Marc Fabre’s first feature film, an ecological thriller enclosed in a forest, with Bouli Lanners, co-produced with Versus Production (Belgium);- SANKARA by Ladj Ly, a historical biopic about the revolutionary African head of state Thomas Sankara, written by Giordano Gederlini.
Structure porteuse: 
Pan Européenne SAS
Europe Créative
Financement obtenu: 
200 000 €