Aliona is an 11-year-old girl who lives with her family near the vast taiga. The area is magnificent: a paradise on earth that has been preserved from man thanks to a harsh climate, its remoteness and the mosquitoes... But it is also a land that suffers, destroyed by the timber industry ravaging its forests. Trees are taken here and sent elsewhere. It is a lucrative absurdity with dramatic consequences.Aliona and her family know fire well, a fire that comes back year after year, with its dark sky and toxic fumes. But the situation is getting worse in the region and the local population feels abandoned, surrounded by fire, and plunged into a thick smoke that nothing can disperse. Since 2015, authorities can choose not to extinguish a fire if the costs of extinguishing it are higher than the material damage it will cause. “Money first”.From a child’s point of view, we sense the global disaster that these new fires are about to create. The overall impact of such fires on the ecological balance of the planet is difficult to measure, perhaps even impossible to estimate, and therefore is easier to ignore. Yet it is an ecosystem that is collapsing, a biodiversity at risk, and it will not stop with the end of summer.
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