Seppia (Slate Funding)

In line with its editorial policy of films of international stature that question the challenges of contemporary society through History, Geopolitics, Ecology or Science, Seppia is currently developing four projects: "Niccolo Machiavelli, The Counter-Investigation"; "There Were Millions of Them"; "A Camel Remedy, Tomorrow's Antivirus" and "The In-Between World of Voodoo". Through their ambitious original themes, these films aim to offer a wide audience a documented reflection on our contemporary world, its foundations but also its future. Whether it is to get closer to one of Europe's greatest thinkers whose ideas continue to resonate in a Europe in the grip of multiple crises; to look back at the exile of millions of people who left the banks of the Rhine for a better future, thus meeting the labour requirements of nascent capitalism, and whose journeys are painfully reminiscent of those of today's migrants; to recount the story of the chance discovery of camel antibodies leading to the development of the first treatments for humans, whose scope could change the face of global medicine; or to let ourselves be "enchanted" by an experience in Virtual Reality, with a solid documentary base, at the heart of traditional voodoo beliefs, the practice of which developed in response to the slave trade, the four projects presented in this catalogue offer original stories, each in a particular genre (docu-fiction, animated documentary, scientific documentary and Virtual Reality) which are crucial to understanding our ever-changing societies.
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Europe Créative
Financement obtenu: 
115 000 €