Special Touch Studios (Slate Funding)

We have chosen to focus our development program on our animation projects, which are, so far, representative of the sector abundance by the diversity of the addressed themes, the eclecticism of the artistic proposals and the singularity of the looks. If Denis Do’s first film shared a dark chapter of Cambodia history, the Khmer Rouge genocide, the author lingers now with SORYA to describe the vitality of the youth of a country, its desire to move forward and its dynamism! The promise of a carnal and musical film. Imagined by Zaven Najjar, the “Série noire’’ CAT GANG (8x10min) features four robbers, half-man, half-cats. This project pulls its genesis from a serie of illustrations created by the author and allows us to explore another side of his talent, in parallel to the production of his first animation film, Allah is not obliged, adapted from the eponymous novel of Ahmadou Kourouma. Sidi Kaba and the Gateway home, directed by Rony Hotin and co-written with Jerome Piot, a first animation film that brings on screen the sensitive subject of slavery. An ambitious and demanding project that fully meets our editorial objectives. THE COMMON DESTINATION CO, is a first short film by a young Chinese author trained at the prestigious Gobelins school, Shen YI. Haunted by his grandfather’s funeral, he portrays with virtuosity a slice of life, symbol of ancestral local traditions in China. Lastly, Dimbit and Ababa of the Ethiopian Artist Feben Elias, propose with the author Agnès Bidaud, to reach a younger target. Spotted at the Digital Lab Africa and selected for the first time at the Cartoon Forum 2019, this serie (52x7min) enables us to talk about Africa in a very personal, universal and positive way. Five authors. Five animation projects. Five different stories and editorial objectives. Five graphic styles and a converging desire: To tell beautiful stories for all ages and audiences.
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Special Touch Studios
Europe Créative
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210 000 €