Sunny Side of the Docs


SUNNY SIDE OF THE DOC is one of the world’s benchmark events for the co-production funding, the buying & selling of non-fiction projects, completed programmes and new narrative experiences. There remain terrific opportunities in terms of gathering market intelligence, networking with international producers & high-level buyers and being part of an invaluable venue for deal-making and collaboration within the specialist factual sphere and digital mediation. For its 32nd edition, the international marketplace for documentary and narrative experiences aims to support the emerging producing talent from less represented regions, with a particular attention toward MEDIA countries with low capacity production. The project draws together the talent and creative minds driving transformation across the media sector and revamping the documentary genre with digital technologies, new usages, new narrations and strong European cooperations. The 4-day event brings under one roof +2,300 professionals from 60 countries, (86% being Europeans), to follow the latest industry trends, present original stories, foster new creative and financial collaborations and embrace innovation, through a variety of high-level pitching sessions, panel discussions, practical workshops, channels & platforms showcases, networking activities and the added value of a 3,000m² exhibition space. Sunny Side of the Doc is also becoming the definitive meeting point for digital cultures and new storytelling forms with the innovation spot « PiXii » giving a festival (900m² of digital exhibition) and business view of the real power of VR, AR, 3D imaging, 3D sound, apps to enhance the European museums, educational structures, heritage institutions and cultural centres experiences. The present action aims to facilitate by any means the European professionals' access to the International Documentary Market and help them find their « perfect-match » partner to bring more real stories to life and wider audiences.

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Doc Services
Europe Créative
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260 000 €
260 000 €
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